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Microbiota: what is it?

The Microbiome, a new organ by itself important for health and wellbeing
A healthy microbiome is a fragile ecological community of commensal or symbiotic microorganisms present in and on all multicellular organisms and cooperating in symbiosis with the host.

Alterations in this relationship were demonstrated in numerous pathologies. As we continue to improve our understanding of how microbial ecosystems affect the development or progression of several conditions, we are unravelling a new source of potential therapeutic targets and paving the way towards beneficial pharmaceutical innovations for patients (diagnosis, prevention, therapeutic products, etc.).

microbiota what is it

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Facts and Hopes for Gut Microbiota Interventions in Cancer Immunotherapy

Fecal Microbiota Transplantation

“Duodenal Infusion of Donor Feces for Recurrent Clostridium difficile

Gut microbial gene catalogue

A human gut microbial gene catalogue established by metagenomic sequencing
microbiota industry france 2

The French microbiome

France has pioneered major breakthroughs and innovations in this new discipline. This leadership in the global microbiota industry has been made possible thanks to the highly dynamic academic research communities, the presence of historical industrial actors together with a dense network of startups benefiting from microbiome-focused investors, and major advances in the regulatory field. Moreover, Microbiome has been set as a priority of the French “Plan Innovation Santé”.