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Alliance Promotion Microbiote

Leading the way in Europe to bring microbiome-based innovations to market.

Created in 2022, Alliance Promotion Microbiote is an independent, non-profit organization. Our goal is to position France as the European leader in the development, production, and commercialization of therapeutic microbiome-based innovations.

APM gathers more than 20 key players from public and private sectors. From bench to bedside, APM encompasses the entire value chain of the microbiome industry.

We work to accelerate the translation of basic research towards market launch of microbiome-based innovations, to meet important medical needs and improve the quality-of-life of millions of patients.

Our goal

APM works to accelerate the availability of microbiota innovations on the market in order to meet important medical needs and thus improve the quality of life and treatment of patients.

our goal
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APM has 6 strategic axes:
Accelerate basic and applied research and implement it within the industry
Support the development of national biomanufacturing capacities
Support access to innovative microbiome-based therapies for all patients
Structure the French ecosystem
to attract investment
Secure the upstream part of the
value chain, especially from a
regulatory standpoint
Position France as a driving force globally
and the European leader in the microbiome industry

Our agile structure

APM is a consensus-driven and collegial organization.

herve affagard
Hervé Affagard
CEO & co-founder
at MaaT Pharma
Sylvie Binda
Sylvie Binda
R&D Vice president
at Lallemand
Health Solutions
nivoliez adrien
Adrien Nivoliez
at Biose Industrie
Benoit Fouchaq
Benoît Fouchaq
at Biofortis Europe

Organized into 4 colleges with specific roles

College of Developers

includes entities developing a product with a regulatory status (drug, medical device,
in vitro diagnostic device….).

College of Associates

includes entities such as investment companies financing microbiome companies;
preclinical and clinical research and development companies (CDMO)
working primarily in the microbiota field.

College of Clusters & Institutions

includes organizations such as incubators, life sciences clusters, research
institutes, value-creating entities, SATT, hospitals, clinics, health care institutions,
technology hub, city and regional authorities.

College of Partners

includes structures that could be universities, schools, consortiums,
associations or foundations

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APM is currently focused on advancing key topics for microbiome innovations to reach the market, clarifying the regulatory pathways for microbiome-related therapies, and fostering awareness about the key role of the microbiome in health and disease.

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APM aims to make concrete proposals to help shaping the French microbiome industry and attract investors.
Key activities are to establish guidelines to support microbiome therapies development and regulation, support key basic science research endeavors, and identify funding opportunities from both public programs.
being a member

Join us!

Unity is strength. Joining APM means being able to provide input to policy makers, patients’ associations, investors in Europe, and share networking opportunities while contributing to structure the industry. As all companies and institutions have experienced, achieving growth without the support of a structured and powerful ecosystem is a massive challenge. Here, at APM, we are committed to giving a voice to our members on behalf of the industry and providing business intelligence and tools to navigate the field.